Extensive Story Missions

There are over 32 story missions which are spread over the massive 2D open-world. Player will unlock these missions by completing several tasks. These missions are designed in such a way that they do not disturb the theme of sand box meaning there is no time limit or any other restrictions. Player can do whatever they please during all of the missions.

Side Missions

There are more than 50 side missions which contains some random missions including hidden sand-box features and story missions which will keep the players busy even after the game has ended. Similar to story missions they are also spread all over the 2D open world. And will continue to unlock as the story progresses.

Play Time: 15+ Hours

In-order to complete the only the story missions it will take approximately 10 hours. That was when I played the game from the start andI knew where the missions were and how to complete them as well. So, It will take an estimate of 15+ hours for new players to complete all the story missions and in-order to complete all side missions it will take 20+ hours. So, get prepared for this massive ride.

Music Rich

Game has variety of music that will keep the player immersedin the open-world including sound effects that will cause a relaxing effect onplayers which will force them to hear them again and again.

Open World

Open world is divided into three islands, 2 Islands consists of sci-fi cities and 1 island is based on a desert theme, showcasing harsh environment. Together these islands form a massive world. Filled with unique NPC’s with each of them having a different story and player would be able to develop relations with them in-order to find their unique story. With the presence of wild life player emersion experience is further enhanced. Each island standalone in representing a theme which I have left up-to players to find out what they are.Colors chosen are vibrant and eye pleasing. Camera movement is smooth. The transition between each location is fast and flawless. The open-word also include some special places that the player can visit. There are different types of shops and business locations present which will keep the players busy at all times.

Dynamic Weather

The open-world is in-complete without dynamic weather. It includes day and night cycle which is spread over a time-period of 20 mins. Three color themes have been designed which changes during different time-period of a day which are morning, afternoon and night. And dynamic weather is in not in its full shape unless changing weather is also included. So weather changes are fully dynamic and is not effected by missions. Player will never know when the weather will change, during what time and what day. Its totally dynamic and it never repeats.

Sand Box

The structure of sand-box is designed in a unique way. It includes character development which falls under the category of controlled sand-box as progress in it is linear it accompanied by skill system, these skills can be developed in 2 different ways, it is up to players to discover which path is bestf or them. Two types of battle systems are also embedded in the game as well, oneis the traditional turn-based which is found in most of the 2D RPG and secondis the real time one on one battle system. There are more than 50 resources that players will need to discover and later develop them as they see fit. Story mode can be completed without the worry of discovery all resources. These resources then can be used to develop and design custom parts and blue-prints which you can sell in the market to gain profit. Business development and management system is designed in a very deep manner. Player can discover all this and many more in the game.